Independent Energy Consultant

The primary responsibility of an Independent Energy Consultant is acquiring new customers. While the most common approach to this is through face-to-face sales presentations, there is some flexibility in how you can market your business. Cold calling and door-to-door sales are not permitted in any state. Since the rates an energy consultant will be providing will be highly competitive, the "sales pitch" is generally just a matter of showing a potential electric and/or natural gas customer the great savings they will experience by switching energy suppliers.

Pre-approved advertising is available, which saves independent consultants the time and money. Significant market research has been committed toward providing independent consultants with the energy industry's best tools to ensure all necessary components for running a successful business are available.

Additionally, new Independent Energy Consultants have the benefit of being mentored by a Regional/Senior Consultant, who will offer guidance and support based on their own experiences operating a successful energy consultant business. This team approach has proven to accelerate the pace at which new consultants are able to learn about the industry and grow a profitable business model.

For information regarding compensation or any other questions, call (888) 959-6744 and a independent energy consultant will be happy to help you make the transition to a rewarding career.